You Make Me Glow

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Today is my first review and i would like to share my thoughts on “L’Oreal Paris infallible 24h foundation “.

If you are looking for a full coverage drugstore product your search ends here.


As a reference before I start the review let me tell you i have a fair skin with warm undertones.

I picked the foundation a couple of weeks ago in the shade 140-Golden Beige it is one shade darker than my skin tone but i like it that way.

When i first used the foundation i did not use the primer as i wanted to test the foundation as it seemed like this foundation is going to stay long enough even without a primer so i started the application by moisturizing my skin with Neutrogena Oil-free moisturizer (Review coming soon).


My Thoughts on L’Oreal Paris infallible 24h foundation “.

  • One pump is all I used to cover the complete face, but u will need a little more if you are looking for full coverage.
  • I love the finish of this foundation it has a satin finish and is light weight, comfortable & natural and literary feels like I have applied nothing.
  • It provides medium coverage, can be easily built up without looking heavy for full coverage.
  • It’s definitely not matte
  • Blends beautifully and looks like real skin and not like another layer of skin so they claim right about No mask effect.
  • I did not notice any dry outs.
  • Blemish Redness or Spots this foundation can cover it all, you don’t need a concealer.
  • It comes in 12shades suitable for all skin types.



L’Oreal Paris infallible claims 24 hours flawless complexion.

I have a combination skin. for any skin type It’s not advisable to have makeup on for 24hrs, I cannot have makeup on me for more than 12hrs hence I kept the foundation on me for 12 hours to test and here is my opinion.

  • First few hours my foundation looks flawless and gives luminous glow to my skin.
  • 6hrs later my skin felt oily & shiny, I had to blot it and powered it. Hence 24hrs matte is definitely not the case.
  • 12 hours later the oil was back and my skin felt greasy (Remember I powdered in between).


Tips on usage

  • I usually apply this foundation with my fingers it works better for me; you can apply with beauty blender or a foundation brush as well.
  • It works better with a primer & setting spray and doesn’t get too greasy hours later.
  • People with normal & dry skin should definitely try this
  • It is a beautiful foundation for People with Combination to Oily skin as well but may have to blot or powder throughout the day.

This Product is Rs – 1400 & you can get it here

Glow Rating: 4/5

I still give it a 4stars as overall L’Oreal Paris infallible 24h foundation doesn’t disappoint me.

I wear this foundation often as I love the overall look and glow it gives me, I usually wear this for a half day events.

Will I buy this again ?

Most Definitely YES


24 thoughts on “You Make Me Glow

  1. I am still contemplating on how to pick a foundation. As the liquid foundations just doesn’t stay for a long time and the cream ones feels caky. So what do you think a combination skin should try?


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