Estrella Intenso Lightening Polish

File_000 (5)Have you ever just tried a product and felt Aaaah I love this, well that was my instant reaction when recently I tried a unique product launched by “Estrella” Intenso Lightening Polish.

I have been wanting to write a post on the Intenso lightening polish by estrella for a long time but I wanted to wait until I was sure this is the product I’m going to love for the rest of my life.

Product details

Intenso lightening polish with corn and beetroot extracts, Anti tan microbeads

It exfoliates dead cells, hydrates & brightens complexion to reveal smooth, glowing new skin without excessive drying.

Suitable for normal to combination skinFile_004 (1)

How to use ?

Apply a thin coat on clean, dry face and neck avoiding eyes. Leave it for 3mins.

Massage mildly and rinse thoroughly with water

My experience with this magic product

I really like to take care of skin so when I received this product through the lovely team estrella I was super excited to try this one first

Every other day I like to use a scrub that helps me exfoliate dead skin cells and to let my skin feel freshProcessed with VSCO with  preset

  • How I wish I knew how to express the scent of this product, its smells heavenly. I guess estrella has some beautiful fragrance they use in there products
  • Intenso lightening polish Instantly clears and smoothens skin with a radiant glow,
  • If used regularly within 4 weeks you will have lighter, smoother, flawless younger looking skin
  • This works wells as a scrub as it has finer beads and feels light and great on skinPicsArt_09-30-07.05.36
  • Talking about the packaging, it is very light to transport it and I must admit it is one of the most conveniently packed product.
  • This will do wonders for those who have been looking for an instant fairness and glow, use this just before an event/special occasion (do not miss this product)
  • Suitable for all skin types, will work well on normal to combination skin.
  • This product though is a scrub/ cleanser it gives a spa facial effect which is super impressivePicsArt_09-30-07.04.51

Overall This product Is Royalty I’m definitely buying this again and again even thou 40gms cost Rs.399 this magically product is worth to spend on

You can buy this on amazon or

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