Im A Mess, But Promise To Leave Your Skin Mess Free

Ryaal Black Mess Scrub/Mask/Cleanser

PicsArt_10-19-09.03.17When it comes to skin care, I love to try different products in the form of scrubs, masks and cleansers. You will know from my previous skin care posts that I like to pamper myself on a regular basis.

This is not the first time I’m writing about Ryaal, you’ve probably seen their organic skin care products everywhere by now, however this is the first that I’m trying activated charcoal scrub.

Ever since I heard about the charcoal scrubs I always wanted to try them. Looking at its ingredients list I choose to try Ryaal Black mess. Everything you need to face mask it up, is already in this Little tub. I mean this acts as a Face cleanser, scrub and mask.PicsArt_10-19-09.31.07

Ingredients : Activated Charcoal, Kaolin Clay, Fullers Earth, Rhassoul Mud (Moroccos Lava Clay), Organic Dead Sea Mud, Aloe Vera Extract, Peppermint Oil, Australian Tea Tree Oil, Sugar (Sucrose), Juglans Regia (Walnut) Shell Powder, Glycerin, Xanthum Gum

Product Claims : Deeply Cleanses, Exfoliates, minimizes pores, reduces wrinkles, acne scars, softens and brightens the skin.

Net Weight : 125Gm

Price : Rs. 499

Packaging: Comes in small size black matt finish tub, The kind of packaging to fall for

Paraben Free: Not mentioned

Smell: Smells like cool mint.

Texture: Thick

How I Use: Scoop out very little quantity of product in a clean bowl, mix some water/rosewater to form paste. Apply evenly leaving out your mouth and eye area. Gently scrub after the paste is semi damp and wash away with cold water.

My Thoughts: Ryaal has made a genuine effort to make you feel good about your skin. My experience with this scrub has been really cool, I mean that when you’re wearing this face mask you literally feel like you’re icing your skin, it’s a great stress buster.

The face mask also softens your skin, it’s a very pleasant feeling to pamper your skin with Ryaal black mess face scrub, I have a sensitive skin so I thought there was a chance my skin would be red due to clay however I didn’t experience any discomforts.PicsArt_10-19-09.08.05

The results are quiet good, As a beauty blogger I’m prepared for all things after using various skin care products. However after use my skin feels extremely soft and clean, my pores are minimized my skin feels fresh. It Ensures a flawless and noticeable skin texture.

Final Verdict: : Your skin is going to feel clean and fresh and this fresh feeling is natural and not chemical based. For me Ryaal charcoal scrub has been a great addition to my skin care.

The only disappointment is that it doesn’t have the product shelf or price mentioned on the tub.

Will I Repurchase: Even if I use it twice a week, this is going to last nearly a year, I’m not going to forget how much I’m In love with this product, so yes this has been added to my skin care kit forever. It’s a nice face mask/scrub/cleanser I’m glad I’ve given it a go you can buy this at amazon or

11 thoughts on “Im A Mess, But Promise To Leave Your Skin Mess Free

  1. So true bette rto leave our skin mess free !
    This looks like a good product but I’m hearing about this brand for the first time! Going by your review I should try it out!


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