Mini Skincare

PicsArt_10-30-11.27.38I can’t believe It is the end of October already, here is my mini skin care essentials. Those products which are a necessity to us but we cant carry them all time due to their unfriendly size.

I love sample products they look tiny, cute and they can be easily transported besides they are also convenient I don’t have to purchase a 100ml product and then realize that it’s not meant for me.

Having said that samples or mini products are rare in stock and are not reasonably priced.

Here is my mini skin care that I carry all time and it doesn’t occupy a lot of space.



Nivea whitening deodorant : Just like brushing your teeth, washing your face applying deodorant is a beauty task we never forget to perform, because deodorant reduces skin odor. Even though deodorants claims to last 24-48 hours you know that’s not the case, we prefer to stay fresh and smell good all the time hence we cultivate a habit of carrying deodorant everywhere we go which is pretty inconvenient as they are usually 100ml or more. I got my hands on Nivea whitening deodorant – 30ml, very convenient to use there are lots In market available in sample sizes.

Titan Skin Perfume: If a deodorant is not sufficient or if you are a person who likes to wear perfume all the time then you need a sample of a deodorant available from 1ml -30ml, rare to find usually available as samples at showrooms, let me remind you they are pretty expensive and worth buying as you can’t carry you most expensive bottle of perfume and fear to lose it or break it.


Zuni hand sanitizer : Keeping hands sanitize where ever we go helps in killing bacteria instantly, but in most situations we struggle to get a sanitizer or access soap. As a professional makeup artist the first thing we were thought is sanitizing hands before prepping so this is my 2nd most essential skin care product.

Himalaya moisturizer : By now all of us know the importance of moisturizing face it helps in preventing dry skin, sometimes my face tends to dry out way too much probably due to weather and makeup that I wear, hence I always manage to carry a tiny moisturizer tube, and this one is my favourite in fact all baby products are.


Kama Face Cream: A mini face cream that helps cover dark spots or gives a decent coverage should always deserve a special place in your make up bag.

Fiama Facewash/ shower gel : You must be wondering why a face wash/shower gel, very rare do we come across situations where we need a shower gel mostly when we have to visit friends and relatives place for an overnight stay. In order to maintain hygiene I prefer to carry my mini shower gel. This is a new launch by Fiama do check out.


Nivea body lotion: If you are anything like me who tends to moisturize skin specially hands every 30mintues then you definitely need a mini body lotion available in between 10ml -30ml. This one is 18ml and I must admit it is the most cutest packaging ever.

Nivea Lip Balm: Is there anyone who can stay without this ? I guess you know why it is so essential to carry lip balm all the time even if you miss out on the above 7 products.

Thanks for reading, do share your thoughts on what skin care essentials do you carry . Let me know in the comments below.

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