IMG_6440Olay White Radiance Advanced Whitening Brightening Intensive Moisturiser

Winter is here and it’s all about keeping your skin simple and clean, I have only been working on taking care of my skin because winters are the times when my skin is less cooperative.

I’m totally focusing on keeping my skin moisturized hence I thought I would share the moisturizer that is helping my skin stay clean by avoiding breakouts and giving a brightening effect. Hope you enjoy reading this post.IMG_6141

I have really enjoyed testing the new Olay White Radiance Advanced Whitening Brightening Intensive Moisturizer, let me tell you this is not a fairness product it’s a moisturizer that brightens your skin tone. This comes with a SPF 24 UVA/UVB and also it brightens, evens skin tone. It also claims to give a radiant fairer skin in 4 weeks which is something I would not comment on as I have only used this product for 2 weeks now, and I want to review the same purely based on how well this acts as a moisturizer. However If you decide to use this as your daily moisturizer then you are going to see your skin lighten and brighten with a dewy look.

Let me share with you my concerns with face moisturizers, my skin is the most sensitive no moisturizer has helped till date and because moisturizing is so essential I simply switched to using a body lotion as a face moisturizer. There are a few body lotions in the market that act well as a face moisturizer.

I love Olay skin care line, all their products seem to be fantastic. When I heard about this product I thought of giving this a fair chance because honestly I was still hunting for a good suitable moisturizer. I have been using Olay White Radiance Moisturiser for over 2 weeks now, by now all other moisturizers I had tried made my skin miserable by leaving behind Redness and pimples. Thankfully with Olay I saw positive results it kept my skin moisturized without making it look oily or greasy for almost entire day. There were no signs of pimples or redness. It gives a radiant glow by reducing the appearance of dark spots. It makes skin look healthy and smooth.IMG_5859

It is suitable for all skin types and all age groups , it has a beautiful mild scent that you are going to love.

How to use : Just apply all over your clean face as a morning moisturizer and repeat the same twice a day. You can also apply foundation and makeup over it acts as a dewy primer.

This has been the only product I use on my no makeup days, It is something I can’t see myself not repurchasing.

Net weight : 50gms

Price : 999/-

Available on &

What has been your saviors this winter ?



13 thoughts on “Olay

  1. At one point I stopped using moisturisers on face for the fear of break outs. And then Realised that moisturising was very very important for the face. That is when I started using Olay. And love it


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