Most Essential Products by LB Pvt Ltd

Let me start this way genuinely I’m so impressed by the products I received by LB Pvt Ltd. They have a huge range of rare products that will help you maintain a healthy and hygienic life. All of there products are natural and safe to use.

The products I received are

The toilet seat sanitizer.

The hand sanitizer.

Herbal breath fresheners in 3 variants Meswak, Paan and peppermint

Cooking spray refined sunflower oil

Naturally sweet stevia extract.

Lets begin with my most favorite product among all mouth breath fresheners. We all agree Bad breathe never makes a good impression to ensure our breathe smells fresh and clean.LB Pvt Ltd have introduced Herbal breath fresheners in 4 variants Meswak, Paan, Spearmint and peppermint. They come in small little travel friendly spray bottles. These are sugar free made with all natural ingredients such as pudina, elaichi, peppermint and some spices. Free of alcohol or chemicals.

I’m so glad to have these tiny breathe sprays around, Usually I just pop a mint, or use mouth wash when I feel like it’s needed but I’m so glad I have this cute handy fresheners. You can spray this natural delicious herbal freshener directly in your mouth. They taste really good and last long enough, these are refreshing and so easy to use. I’m also impressed that these come with 3 years of expiry date knowing the fact that breathe fresheners are rare to find im so thankful for these fresheners we now have natural fresheners in the market at just Rs.90 each.

O the hand sanitizer : these are hand sanitizer enriched with moisturizer these come in small sachets that makes it travel friendly, now this is what I love about the brand all the products are packed keeping travel in mind. These sanitizers kills up to 99.9% germs and keeps dirt away from your hands comes with 2 years expiry date. Highly recommend these I like the idea of coming up with small sachets upon necessity you can just tear open the sachet and rub over palms and fingers and back of hands until dry. These contain 50 sachets priced at Rs.100/-

Naturally sweet stevia extract : these contain 99.8% pure stevia extract, these have 40 sachets 1 sachet =2 TSP sugar. Suggested for calorie conscious people and diabetics however not recommended for childrens, pregnant women. It’s a great practice to add this to your daily diet and use it as a substitute to sugar.

Enjoy the benefit of a product made with the best quality stevia extract that is 99.8%. It can be used in both hot and cold food and beverages. Enjoy the sweetness with no regrets. This as well comes with 2 years of expiry date priced for Rs. 210/-

O the toilet seat sanitizer : spray sanitizer for toilet seats, taps, washroom handles, flush handles,door knobs, toilet floors. This kills up to 99.9% germs. It’s a cute 40ml travel friendly toilet sanitizer. We all agree that this is the most essential product as a common problem that we face is not finding a clean washroom now that’s when this cute little spray saves us by sanitizing the filthy public washrooms.

Spray 7-8 inches away from the entire toilet seats after 10 seconds the seat is clean & safe to use.

Ray Refined sunflower oil cooking spray : Cooking spray is kitchen essential applied to frying pans and other cookware to prevent food from sticking. This is a healthier alternative with a lower calorie.

Cooking sprays contain very less calories and its convenient as well as you can have a control with the unique and precise spray mechanism at 2 calories per spray.

This is a cooking oil that comes in a spray bottle, they have 4 variants Sunflower oil, Groundnut oil, Olive Oil and Rice bran oil.

  • It has 2 calories per spray , refined sunflower oil free from argemone oil.
  • It helps save 2.4 litres of oil.
  • This is all natural oil no propellants and preservatives.
  • Reduces fat content in food by 80% and reduces oil consumption to 1/10th.
  • 0 Cholesterol, 0 transfats
  • High shelf life of 36 months
  • Recommended for high cholesterol heart problems, obesity and for regular everyday use.

Net wt : 200ml

Retails for Rs.250/- These are available on Amazon & Flipkart..

Please do visit there YouTube channel for over 60 recipes for healthy

Final thoughts

I highly recommend you try there products as they are super affordable and most essential. They are all natural and great in quality. I personally will repurchase these products.

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